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My name is Jeffrey, but you can call me Jeff! I’m from Odessa Texas, but now call Dallas Texas home. I have been photographing weddings since 2011 but have always been capturing moments on camera since I can remember. My love for traveling is how I connected with my wife Mallory, so we are serious when we say we will travel for you!

Architecture inspires me and I’m a tattoo collector. My favorite movie genre is Sci-Fi horror, but I love a good comedy!  When I’m not photographing weddings I like to photograph concerts. Head over to your digital music provider to see the album cover I photographed for the band, The Offspring. 

“Them Tones” *in Layne Staley voice*

Jefrey Anderson

About Mallory

Hey I’m Mallory and I was born and raised in Dallas Texas. I joined my husband Jeffrey in the wedding world as a second shooter and assistant. I accompany him to every photo shoot and wedding. Jeffrey is who got me into photography and we’ve been called the “dream team” by our amazing clients. I’m here to show that everyone is photogenic while making you feel comfortable and relaxed. 

During my off time I enjoy traveling, hanging out with family/friends and snuggling on the couch to a good movie with my husband and cat. I’m a boots over heels type of girl and my favorite season is Fall, because pumpkin spice latte.

“I push my finger's into my... shutter” *in Corey Taylor Voice*

Mallory Anderson

Dallas Tx wedding photographer Mallory Anderson

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